Leading edge spatial data products & services

Our key products and services

Geoscape spatial data

Geoscape’s data includes 3D representation of Australia’s built environment, CadLite, Roads, GNAF, Postcode boundaries and other, plus our value-added editions

AQ Pro

Integrated sales and marketing platform for B2B telcos, fibre carriers and NBN resellers


Australia Post PAF data plus Callpoint Spatial value-added editions

Street frontage data


Callpoint Spatial-generated street frontage polyline and attribution data

We help industries including:


Over 40 Australian telecoms have benefited from our products and services to meet their business  needs.

For NBN resellers and fibre telcos, AQ Pro helps to identify potential new business customers.

Real estate

Real estate entities license our value-added, custom and derived spatial datasets.

These customers utilise our datasets within their platforms to deliver valuation, listings and search services to their end users.

Professional services

Professional services license our customised spatial datasets and services to assist with demographic modelling, forecasting and cartographic needs.

Health and universities

University departments and health research institutions use our value-added datasets to facilitate their modelling, analyses and to produce research findings.

They also utilise our geocoder to validate raw addresses against GNAF to assist with their analysis tasks.


Government agencies utilise Callpoint Spatial’s spatial data products and services to assist their evidence-based policy analysis, infrastructure forecasting and modelling needs.

Media and software

Media and software businesses utilise our customised spatial data for their mapping, analysis and planning requirements.