The Administrative Boundary dataset includes GIS data for the following:

ABS Mesh Blocks

Collector Districts

Commonwealth Electoral Boundaries

Indigenous Areas

Indigenous Locations

Indigenous Regions

Local Government Areas (LGAs)

SEIFA boundaries

State Boundaries

State Electoral boundaries

Suburbs & Localities (Gazetted)

Town Points

Urban Centres & Localities (UCL)


Gazetted locality boundaries, Tasmania

Callpoint Spatial Administrative Boundaries Extra

Our value-added edition builds on the raw PSMA data in the following ways:

We amalgamate the different State/ Territory boundaries into a national edition

We then add a number of useful attribution columns

In the case of Suburb-Localities polygons, we add:

Locality Name

Locality Class Code

LGA Name


State PID

State Name

In the case of the Local Government Area polygons, we add:

LGA Name

State PID

State Name