AQ Pro – Problems Solved


"We are keen to build revenues using NBN Co's Enterprise Ethernet (EE) product and seek resources to help"For AQ Pro customers, Callpoint offers the following Enterprise Ethernet services:
a) details of businesses that are EE connectable
b) for a given set of input addresses, determine whether each address is EE capable
"We need a capability that readily identifies the specific businesses that are expected to be nbn connectable in the next e.g. 30-60 days, to help our pre-warm marketing campaign efforts."AQ Pro enables your team to generate a list of businesses that are expected to be nbn connectable within the specified timeframe
“nbn co provides us a Delta file, but this file is shipped to all their RSPs. We seek a different resource that enables us to better identify potential new opportunities”AQ Pro generates and sends you a Delta file which differs to that generated by nbn co as we include:
(i) Business details including address, phone number, industry etc (where matched), and (ii) DSL details (where licensed)
Collectively, the above can help you categorise each opportunity e.g. "Fixed Wireless; outside your DSLAM footprint - totally new". This can assist your campaign messaging.
“We offer broadband via nbn, our own fibre and DSLAMs, plus wholesale arrangements with other telcos. We face issues with broadband service pre-qualification including:
1) For prospects that send us address lists, we seek an integrated NBN/ G-NAF based Geocoder, the results of which can then be used for downstream business processes

2) The plethora of broadband delivery technologies and options has made service pre-qualification complex. We have processes in place for certain last mile options. However, we have no integrated response capability for broadband service pre-qualification across multiple delivery technologies/ multiple partners”

1) AQ Pro starts with the same high performance geocoding engine as in Callpoint's standalone G-NAF based Geocoder. It then goes a step further, with AQ Pro's Hybrid Geocoder capability to natively reference the nbn HFL/ PFL. AQ Pro's geocoder is built for high precision, as we are very cognisant that broadband delivery options can vary from one building to the next (and can even vary within a building)

2) AQ Pro computes broadband delivery options for each geocoded address. This is done based on the current data definitions (your/ your wholesale partner's fibre, DSLAM as well as nbn) in your AQ Pro partition. In addition to the GNAF PID, columns returned include:
(a) NBN: Fourteen standard columns, including LocID, RRI, Service Class, Service & Technology Type, POI, Expected RFS, Active Date and Disconnection Date
(b) Fibre: whether served by one of your lit Fibre buildings, Building ID, optional other columns
(c) DSL: Telstra Exchange Service Area (ESA), estimated distance to serving Telstra exchange, whether served by Large Pair Gain System (LPGS) and type (RIM, CMUX etc), whether On-Net based on your DSLAM definitions, optional other columns

“We have no easy means to identify specific businesses that are On-Net deliverable.
As we expand our direct fibre-lit footprint, we have no integrated means to identify businesses that are located in newly-lit buildings”
AQ Pro's marketing features enables your team to readily extract the list of businesses that are within your fibre-lit buildings.
Similar to the Delta processes we have for the nbn, AQ Pro can also provide your team with details of the businesses that are within your new fibre-lit buildings (as your automation uploads your new fibre lit building locations).
“We are seeking to launch a VPN solution for businesses that have between 200-250 sites. However, we have no ready means to identify these businesses"AQ Pro's Multi-site Market Analyser can assist you to identify these multi-locational opportunities.