Callpoint AQ Pro®

Callpoint AQ Pro is a presales, sales and marketing platform for use by B2B broadband telcos and nbn RSPs.

AQ Pro is deployed using Australian Data Centres that are certified to ISO27001.  The application is located at:

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Field proven

Our first licensee was Request DSL in 2002, one of Australia’s first DSL carriers.  AQ Pro has considerably evolved to cater for a variety of pre-sales, sales, marketing, product management and network planning functions for Australia’s leading telcos.

AQ Pro customers include established players as well as fast-moving newer providers.  They deliver broadband via the nbn, via their own infrastructure or those of their partners. 


  • Given the rapidly evolving nbn rollout, it is critical that the most current nbn datasets are utilised.  During onboarding, we provide details of the AQ Pro secure FTP server for your business.  This facilitates the automated uploads of the nbn datasets from your systems to your AQ Pro partition
  • We have been working in this space for many years.  Sourcing business data that optimally balances comprehensiveness, accuracy, update frequency, precision geocodability (ie. presence of suite numbers, street numbers), depth of contact details / other attribution and validation recency with cost-effectiveness is a demonstrable challenge.  The merits of different options are outlined during engagement
  • Considering the NBN Co WBA Head Terms Module D1 (Confidential Information), Callpoint Spatial only makes available the nbn feature set to NBN resellers.