PSMA has shipped the first maintenance release of the flagship Geoscape 3D dataset.

Geoscape achieved national coverage with Release 8 in October 2018. It’s now in maintenance phase, which is scheduled to occur quarterly.

PSMA has adopted a semantic versioning system for Geoscape.  Release 8 in October will be retrospectively known as Release 1.0.0.  The very first maintenance release was 1.1.0, but as a correction was needed, that release was 1.1.1.

There are now 15.3 million building footprints.  Other key characteristics include:

* New and updated Buildings in Sydney and Darwin plus targeted building improvements in Brisbane
* Updated Surface Cover 2M and Tree coverage across a number of regions
* Updates to the existing building address, CAD, property, planning zone and locality relationships that were included in the previous release

Callpoint Spatial can supply Geoscape in various file formats, with enriched attribution and in combination with other datasets to support a range of applications.  Our key value-added edition is Geoscape Extra.