PSMA Geoscape Version 1.2.0 now contains data on 15.35 million buildings across the nation.

PSMA Geoscape Version 1.2 provides refreshed Building coverage for urban areas of WA, NSW, and ACT. It also includes all features supplied in previous releases with updated relationships based on PSMA’s February 2019 data release.

Above: Geoscape Version 1.2.0 urban refresh coverage; Canberra (ACT), Queanbeyan/Googong (NSW)

Total Number of Buildings

An additional 47,095 buildings were included in Geoscape v1.2.0, increasing the National total count to 15,354,053 buildings (approximately 0.20% increase).


Surface Cover and Trees

Surface Cover 2M and Trees were updated in Geoscape v1.2.0 with the following results:

• Approximately 13,900 square kilometres of the 51,000 square kilometres total Surface Cover 2M was updated (over 25%)

• Update of the Surface Cover 2M theme resulted in an adjusted Tree coverage of approximately 9,200 square kilometres.

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