PSMA’s Geoscape® – which combines advances in satellite imagery, big data processing and machine learning to create a 3D representation of Australia’s built environment – now contains data on 15.2 million buildings across the nation.

With Release 8, national Geoscape now includes building data for 28 new regions including Armidale, Alice Springs, Mt Gambier, Sale, Hamilton, Broome and Exmouth.

Customer Spotlight

One of Callpoint Spatial’s Geoscape customers, The Queensland Building & Construction Commission (QBCC) has been profiled in press this week.  QBCC obtains a customised edition of Callpoint Spatial’s Geoscape Extra which is proving a key tool in their current review of building cladding.  For the press, please see New research reveals how Australia’s density compares with global cities, and PSMA Australia completes national ‘building census’.

Geoscape 2D/ 3D/ Surface cover

Geoscape provides a digital representation of each building, comprising a two-dimensional (2D) roof outline for structures that are larger than 9 square metres.

Three-dimensional (3D) attributes which are featured in urban areas include average eave height and maximum roof height.  Another key feature of Geoscape is the built-in links to PSMA’s Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF), CadLite and Administrative Boundaries datasets.

Geoscape also includes Surface Cover as a raster dataset, with 11 different surface cover classifications such as grass, trees, water, bare earth and road.  For pixels identified from satellite imagery as tree coverage, a separate Tree raster dataset is provided, and this includes a tree height value for each two metre by two metre cell.

Benefits of Callpoint Spatial

Callpoint Spatial has long experience with Geoscape and in fact placed the very first order received by PSMA.  That was to support the business and operational needs of our customer in the wireless telecoms sector.  Since then, Callpoint Spatial has supported other customers with Geoscape across a number of industries.

Callpoint Spatial can supply Geoscape in various file formats, with enriched attribution and in combination with other datasets to support a range of applications.  Our key value-added edition is Geoscape Extra.