Callpoint Spatial is an Australian company with a history of expertise and innovation in the geospatial arena.  We are headquartered in Melbourne and are authorised PSMA and Australia Post data resellers.

We license and provide:

  • PSMA spatial data (raw and value-added) including Geoscape
  • G-NAF based geocoding services
  • AQ Pro sales and marketing platform for telcos
  • Australia Post PAF

Callpoint Spatial has built its reputation and expertise over many years of deep involvement in the application of geospatial techniques for business.  We initially built our GIS skills in a consulting capacity for the telecoms sector at the onset of the migration to DSL in 2000.  Since then, we have developed significant software capability and resources to support a broader range of applications.

Callpoint Spatial has served more than 40 Australian telco providers with spatial resources.  We also support customers across industries including real estate, professional services, health, education, media, software and government. We focus our efforts on resources that deliver value to our customers.

Callpoint Spatial has expertise in:

  • The understanding of PSMA spatial datasets and their application to industry
  • Value-adding to raw PSMA spatial data
  • Deep geocoder knowledge (expressed in our G-NAF based Geocoder software)
  • Integration of spatial and non-spatial datasets (captured in our telco specific AQ Pro application)

Callpoint Spatial has been an innovator in the geospatial industry and has played a significant role in pioneering:

  • The shift to address-based DSL prequalification from the previous phone number based methods
  • The campaign to make Telstra’s close-held exchange boundary datasets more openly available
  • The first address accuracy audit of ACMA’s Integrated Public Number Database
  • The use of PSMA’s G-NAF and other datasets for key broadband coverage reports for Local and State Government
  • The integration of G-NAF and other datasets to deliver the Department of Communications Metropolitan Broadband Blackspot Program Geospatial Consultancy project
  • Extensive value-addition/ customisation to PSMA datasets
  • The upgrade of AQ Pro’s underlying geocoding technology to natively reference NBN HFL/PFL and PSMA G-NAF
  • PSMA’s first end-user Geoscape license
  • The introduction of Callpoint Spatial’s value-added Geoscape Extra

To find out how Callpoint Spatial can help you, please contact us.