PSMA Postcode Boundaries

The Postcode Boundaries dataset is a result of a collaborative effort between PSMA and Australia Post.  It includes boundary and centroid (‘geometric centre’) data for some 2700 postcode boundaries across Australia. Like PSMA’s other datasets, updates are released on a regular quarterly basis.  This is important given ongoing changes to postcodes and postcode boundaries. Applications include:
  • Customer and prospect analysis
  • Tagging postcodes to geocoded databases
  • Heat maps

Callpoint Spatial Postcodes Extra

Our value-added edition builds on the raw PSMA data in the following ways: Firstly, we amalgamate the different State/ Territory boundaries into a national edition. Secondly, we add the following useful attribution to the Postcode Boundary polygons:
  • Postcode
  • Latitude/ Longitude of the postcode centroid
Applications include:
  • Postcode distance table creation
  • ‘Find my nearest shop / outlet / distributor’ for visitors who enter their postcode into your website
For further details including licensing please contact us.
National Postcode Boundaries