PSMA Australia continued to enhance its core group of fundamental datasets being:

  • CadLite
  • G-NAF
  • Transport & Topography
  • Postcode Boundaries
  • Administrative Boundaries

PSMA February 2020 G-NAF key statistics summary (principal addresses):

  • Nationally, the February, 2020 update of G-NAF shows an increase of  49,194 addresses overall which equates to an increase of 0.33%. The total number of addresses in G-NAF now stands at 14,827,937 of which 14,073,060 or 94.91% are principal.
  • The Geocode reliability for ‘within address site’ plus ‘near or possibly within address site’ for the reliability of principal addresses in G-NAF is now made up of 96.97% address level, an increase of 0.13% since the November 2019 release, and 2.98% street locality addresses and 0.05% locality addresses.

  • Confidence 2 addresses has increased by 49,456 with the percentage mix increasing slightly from 67.18% to 67.32% of principal addresses

Callpoint created Street Frontages – NEW!

We have created processes that generate Street Frontage data.  For an overview, please visit Street Frontages

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Brian Beckor