On the 30th June, 2020 PSMA Australia released the June 2020 edition of Geoscape Buildings, Surface Cover and Trees.

This release contains significant data model and production changes, including enhancements but also breaking changes.

Note that PSMA has changed the way it identifies versions.  The data edition is identified by date, whilst the specification to which that data conforms is identified by a version number.

Buildings June 2020 (specification v2.0)

PSMA has introduced the following new attributes:

In Geoscape Buildings V2.0, an additional 178,108 buildings have been included, increasing the National total count to 15,676,750.

Surface Cover June 2020 (specification v1.6)

Release highlights include creation of a polygon file to identify the capture date of Surface Cover named ‘Capture Date Index’.  The National total of Surface Cover 2m coverage is now 51,746.55 (km2) and Surface Cover 30m coverage is now 81,088,880.36 (km2).

Trees June 2020 (specification v1.6)

Release highlights include creation of a polygon file to identify the capture date of Trees named ‘Capture Date Index’.  Total coverage of Trees Layer – Tree Pixels with Height is 7575.54 (km2).

Capture Date Index

A capture date index has been developed for Surface Cover 1.6 and Trees 1.6. The raster products are produced by mosaicking multiple strips of data that have been captured across a range of dates.

PSMA now ship a ‘RASTER INDEX’ shapefile which represents the boundaries of the pre-defined urban areas and a ‘CAPTURE_DATE_INDEX’ which provides information as to the day, month and year when a strip was captured, as seen in the example of WA_SURFACECOVER_2M_Z50_16702 below.

For further information about Geoscape Buildings, please visit https://callpointspatial.com.au/geoscape/

Callpoint Spatial Geoscape Extra

Callpoint’s Geoscape Extra includes additional attribution beyond what PSMA supplies.

Where possible, the June 2020 edition of Geoscape Extra shields customers from the data model changes introduced by PSMA with its Building 2.0 specification.

Apart from the file formats supported by PSMA, we also deliver in formats such as MySQL server and Microsoft SQL server backup formats.  For further details including our customisation services, please contact us.