After substantial planning, significant investment, diligent implementation and extensive testing, PSMA launched its newest spatial dataset, the 3D “Geoscape” on 19 December 2016.

The initial release includes data for Adelaide, Canberra, rural SA and some portions of SE NSW.

This is a very exciting time.  Geoscape heralds a new era of national, comprehensive three dimensional data regarding Australia’s built environment.

Within the one package, users gain access to:

  • polygon representations of buildings
  • height and elevation data
  • zoning and residential indicators
  • roof pitch and roof complexity
  • solar panel and swimming pool indicators
  • tree and surface coverage

Further, the building polygons are linked to PSMA G-NAF and CadLite.

Callpoint Spatial’s first customer is an Australian telecommunications provider, for whom Geoscape has filled an important planning and operational gap.

For further details, please refer our Geoscape page.

We look forward to answering any questions.