PSMA Australia continue to enhance its core group of foundational datasets being:

  • CadLite
  • G-NAF
  • Transport & Topography
  • Postcode Boundaries
  • Administrative Boundaries

PSMA May 2020 G-NAF key statistics summary:

  • Nationally, the May 2020 update of G-NAF shows an increase of nearly 40,000 addresses overall which equates to an increase of 0.27%.  The total number of addresses in G-NAF now stands at 14.87 million
  • The Geocode reliability for ‘within address site’ plus ‘near or possibly within address site’ for the reliability of principal addresses in G-NAF is now made up of 97.02% address level addresses.  These are the 2 most reliable categories out of the 6 defined
  • Confidence 2 addresses has increased by nearly 33,000 with the percentage mix increasing slightly from 67.32% to 67.40% of principal addresses.  Confidence 2 indicates the highest confidence whereby an address is present in all 3 contributing sources

GNAF address level geocode % milestone

PSMA have been continually refining GNAF since its introduction in 2004.  The May 2020 release marks the first time where less than 3% of principal addresses don’t have address level geocodes.

The first chart tracks the steady improvement in what PSMA terms “geocode reliability” (being the % primary addresses that have ‘within address site’ or ‘possibly within address site’ geocodes).

The second chart illustrates the steady reduction in the quantity of primary addresses that don’t have ‘within address site’ or ‘possibly within address site’ geocodes.  The improvement over the past 12 years has been dramatic.  Yet, there remain some 400,000 primary addresses that have street or locality level geocodes.

May 2020 Land Tenure

PSMA retired Land Tenure in February 2019.  The dataset was placed on hold pending factors such as supply chain redesign.

As a once-off, PSMA have released a May 2020 edition.  The main enhancement has been a considerable lift in the “Freehold” count and a consequent reduction in the “No data” count (for NSW).  Please refer Release Report extract below.  Separate licensing is required.

May 2020 Admin Boundaries update re QLD state boundaries

The entire coastline of the QLD State Boundary has been updated to improve its spatial accuracy. See map below illustrating the differences between the updated and previous boundaries within a small area centered on Thursday Island in the Torres Strait.  These boundaries now align better when overlaid by the QLD Roads layer.

  • The underlying brown layer is the previous State boundary
  • The yellow layer on top shows the updated May20 boundary

Callpoint Spatial value-added spatial data editions

PSMA generaes high quality and authoritative national spatial datasets.  Most Callpoint Spatial customers license our extensive range of value-added and customised datasets.

Our range covers Cadlite Extra, Augmented Cadlite, enriched G-NAF and other value-added and customised PSMA datasets.  For more details, please visit our Spatial data page.

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Brian Beckor