PSMA Land Tenure

A companion to PSMA CadLite

Land Tenure provides data on the known tenure of land, both freehold and non-freehold. Data is sourced from the land authorities within state and territory governments.

Land Tenure captures the legal regime in place for a parcel of land. For example, a parcel of land considered as “Leasehold” is bound by the applicable laws for a particular State or Territory that defines the types of leases that can be placed on the land.  The dataset does not capture land parcel ownership details.

While primarily geared to help with land management decisions, it also finds use amongst telecoms providers, utilities and real estate entities.

Land Tenure provides a hierarchical tenure classification with four levels. The fourth level is the most specific tenure type and is PSMA’s preferred level of supply. However, the data supplied by the jurisdictions may not comprehensively be at this level.

The Land Tenure dataset links to CadLite through the CAD_PID, easing the alignment of the four tenure classification levels to cadastral parcels.

Land tenure

Above: examples of Land Tenure extracts within QLD

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