PSMA Transport & Topography™

The PSMA Transport & Topography (T&T) dataset includes vector data for:

  • Street centrelines
  • Airports & Airport runways
  • Railway lines and stations
  • Hydrology and minor water boundaries
  • National Parks, Urban Parks and reserves

The topologically connected street vector data fills particular needs within navigation and routing. The complete set of T&T layers meets a range of demographic, spatial analysis and cartographic applications.

The street centreline layer includes a range of attribution columns.  Items of interest include:

  • the STREET_LOCALITY_PID links to the same column within PSMA G-NAF.  This facilitates applications such as “is 22 Smith St on a Local Road?”
  • to help answer the above question, the Street Line layer includes the Transport Hierarchy Code (THC).  The THC contains a three digit code that specifies whether the street is a local road, national highway etc.  For usage example, please refer the different coloured road layers in the right hand map
  • the Ground Relationship Code (GRC) identifies whether a given road segment is at ground level, above ground (e.g. an overpass) or below ground (e.g. a tunnel).  The GRC finds use within routing and navigation applications
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Inner Melbourne inc. Royal Botanical Gardens, Albert Park, Yarra River and streets

Above layers are sourced from Transport & Topography

Note: THC refers to the Transport Hierarchy Code


Red lines – THC #301 (National or State highways)

Orange lines – THC #302 (Arterial roads)

Purple lines – THC #303 (Sub-arterial roads)

Cyan lines – THC #304 (Collector roads)

Light grey lines – THC #305 (Local roads)

Dark grey dashed lines – Railway lines

Black train symbols – Rail stations

Green regions – Greenspace polygons

Blue regions – Hydrology polygons

Transport & Topography is ™ of PSMA Australia

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