Street Intersections

Callpoint Spatial has been generating the National Street Intersection dataset quarterly since 2009. We use the PSMA Transport & Topography dataset as our source data.

This dataset (also known as the Street Junction data, Cross-Street dataset, Intersecting Street or Street Corner dataset) is a comprehensive dataset of street intersections for each State across Australia.

The dataset can be used for instance to find all the intersections of a particular street in a given locality.

Results extract from a query for King Street Sydney NSW:
Spatial representation of the King Street street intersection data extract:
Extracting 4-way and T intersections
Callpoint’s Street Intersections dataset can also be queried to identify n-way intersections.

This has application in traffic management and logistics.

Spatial representation of regular 4-way and T-intersections in Brisbane:
Blue squares: 4-way intersections

Green triangles: T-intersections

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