Callpoint Spatial has served over 40 Australian telecoms providers since 2000 with spatial and related resources.


Integrated Carrier

You offer broadband services that span the gamut of last mile technologies, be it your own fibre, nbn, DSL etc. Callpoint Spatial's AQ Pro with its sales and marketing tools empowers your team to identify potential new opportunities. For instance, AQ Pro enables your sales team to identify businesses in your fibre lit buildings, and readily identify businesses as you continue your fibre rollout.

Conceivably, you may also have legacy addresses that have not yet been assigned GNAF PIDs. This can create issues with migration to the nbn and copper disconnection. Callpoint Spatial's sophisticated Geocoder API can assist.

To help profile your fibre direct opportunities, we can add a Business/ Residential flag to G-NAF.

To both improve quoting accuracy and minimise quotation response time for your fibre direct opportunities, we can license PSMA's latest dataset, Geoscape. Geoscape can help enable you to use the coordinates associated with the building closest to the street, rather than (typically) G-NAF's geometric land parcel midpoint.

nbn Resellers

Your existing DSL customers need to be migrated to the nbn as the rollout progresses. However, some of your existing customer addresses don't have a GNAF PID or were not accurately assigned one. This creates a number of operational issues. If your addresses have street numbers, Callpoint Spatial can definitely assist through our Geocoder web services API. You benefit without the need to provide us any nbn co datasets.

If you have a signed WBA with nbn co, you can take the next step and access the nbn suite within our AQ Pro. This enables your sales and marketing teams to access resources that can help you win new customers as the nbn rollout progresses. It also facilitates a proactive approach towards planning for copper disconnections. A pre-requisite is that your nbn datasets are regularly uploaded to AQ Pro, via a secure process that we outline.

Greenfields Fibre

You need the most up-to-date geocoded results in order to meet your business goals. Callpoint Spatial can assist by enabling your software to access our Geocoder web services API.

Importantly, each request can either reference the current quarterly G-NAF or, for the most up-to-date data, G-NAF Live.

Fixed Wireless

You need high quality 3D representations of buildings, as well as tree height and land coverage.

We can assist with a license to PSMA's newest dataset, Geoscape.